Passpartout: The Starving Artist review

Passpartout: The Starving Artist

Published & copyrighted by Flamebait Games

Even you can become a great artist! Wrestle subjectivity as you attempt to sell your art to rude customers.Passpartout puts you into the shoes of a French artist trying to navigate the beautifully confusing art scene. Paint and sell your own art to survive your expensive wine and baguette addiction.Features- Paint your own masterpieces! Even you can become the next Van Gogh!- Battle with subjectivity and try to charm a variety of self-proclaimed art connoisseurs without losing your "artistic integrity"!- Survive your wine and baguette bills. Will your addiction to baguettes be your downfall?- Unlock fancier galleries and customers!- Experience the French art world through a living puppet theater!- Includes an amazing soundtrack by our favourite groovin' dinosaurs SynkronosaurusTerms of Use: Policy: